Retro Single Board / Snow Miser / Heat Miser

One board signs / buy the one you like or buy the pair. 

Sleigh Sign

Traditional Santa in a sleigh sign. 

Stand Up Santas

This is a good lean up decoration for around the fireplace, the tree, or near your front door. About 4 feet tall. Also has a mount for wall hanging. 

New London Sign

Popular New London sign is still available. 

If you are interested in your own town or something personal, that can be arranged. Finishes come in Navy Blue, Gray, Red, and natural colors. This sign is roughly 16"x18" with variations because of the wood.  

Wedding Project

Worked on this wedding gift. Really enjoyed trying a different alphabet painted on a single found piece of wood that was 25" x 14". I like the elegance and the rough grain of the wood. The gray color adds to the pop of the white color. Didn't do a lot of edging work on this because I wanted to hold on to the rustic character of the wood. 


Compass Design
We are design a few different clocks for your nautical space. We have a few different versions, from the compass design to a nautical primitive that is also available. If you prefer a custom look on a clock, we can make that happen as well. 
More designs coming soon. 

Primitive Nautical Clock

More designs coming soon. 

Specialty Signs

Welcome Sign
Deep Water is working on custom signs. If you would like to talk about a project, please let us know. We can create some small to mid-size signs and decorations. Time and cost will be defined by what the customer is looking for. Feel free to inquire. 

The life of wood is fascinating story. In fact, just this week, I was speaking to someone who pulled out beams from a house that was built in the 1750's. The beams came from trees that were at least 100 years older. While I was looking at the ancient wood, I felt a sense of awe, a sense of reverence for the past. 

Our signs are made from all kinds of re-purposed wood. And finding the right character in the wood is important. I am still learning how to look at wood and see something beautiful, something new, or something creative. But, the more I look at wood, the more I am amazed at how it can be reshaped, softened, or changed to find its way back into our lives. I think I am lucky when I come across a special piece of wood. It is just as exciting as crafting a new design, or talking to someone who purchased a sign. Wood is very warm and personal. The more you move around it, the more you see how much of it goes unseen - underappreciated. I have a lot to learn, but I also appreciate more and more this world of wood, crafting, and design. 

Free Diver Wooden Wall Hanging

Dive into wall art with this unique free diving wall hanging. Wood with blue weathered paint, this three-foot piece is ideal for a dean or those unique vertical spaces you have in your home or office. Great next to your aquarium or diving area. 

Merry Christmas / Board Sign

Merry Christmas board with whimsical Santa in a horse drawn sleigh. 

Primitive Nautical Ornaments

Primitive Nautical Ornaments with shell, lighthouse, and anchor designs. Simplicity from the sea. 

Other designs coming soon. 

Holiday Wreath Sign

Holiday wreath sign. This sesonal sign is a great addition to your holiday displays. This rustic sign and wreath brings a touch of winter. 

Santa Version

Click here for pricing, questions, or purchases. 

Nautical Candle Set

Add a touch of nautical to your holidays. Candle set. Three pillar style candle holders in red and white with a weather, maritime look. Fits most votive inserts. Shell accents included. 

This set looks great on your mantel, hutch, or in the kitchen on a runner. 

New summer color available in 2017. 

Click here for pricing, questions, or purchases. 

Seahorse / Sculpture

Wooden seahorse sculptures add a perfect accent to a bookshelf or buffet. Hand cut seahorse designs are accented in blue, red, or white coloring to match your decor. 

Sculpture bases can be made to fit your location with a driftwood piece (size and shape may vary) to a block cut to minimize the room it takes up. 

Click here for pricing, questions, or purchases. 

Holiday Tree

Size: 17" X 10"

Season's Greetings with a traditional holiday tree and a shell accent. Great for catching a touch of nautical New London in your holiday. Center hanger on the back.

All crafts are made with a variety of woods, items may look slightly different than posted because of the nature of re-purposed wood. 

Click here for pricing, questions, or purchases. 

Merry Christmas Whale

Name: Christmas Whale (New London)
Color:  Natural / Grey 

Merry Christmas with a whale is a classic New England design. Hanger on back, this sign is roughly 10"x12" Tinged with a little white snow on the edges for snowy effect. 

All crafts are made with a variety of woods, items may look slightly different than posted because of the nature of repurposed wood. If you have questions concerning the descriptions, please feel free to email. Shipping is an additional cost. 

Holiday Sign / Short Boards

Click to get a better look.
Size 3" x 24"

Season's Greetings is a nice shelf or accent decoration. This sign is in red with white print and snow painted accents. 

All crafts are made with a variety of repurposed wood, items may look slightly different than posted because of the different materials used. If you have questions concerning the descriptions, please feel free to email. 

Shipping and handling is additional. Pick up in person and save. 

Click here for pricing, questions, or purchases. 

Do Not Feed the Mermaids

Click to Enlarge
Size: 11" X 17" (sizes may vary)

Found by a road crew in the late 1920's in an overgrown lot near the beach, the rumors and stories have never been verified. Be part of this unique story with the wooden sign. Signs come with hangers. 

This sign can be crafted with New London, personalized for your own town, or no town affiliation. 

All crafts are made with a variety of woods, items may look slightly different than posted because of the nature of repurposed wood. If you have questions concerning the descriptions, please feel free to email. 

Mermaid Estuary in Blue

Mermaid Estuary in blue. This a compliment to our "Don't Feed the Mermaid Sign". See below. 

Welcome with Whale

Weathered Welcome Sign with whale. 

Clam Shack

Clam Shack sign, great for kitchens, decks, and outdoor patio. Also a great accent for your dock slip. 

Little Pirate In Training

A small sign for decorating the house or porch. This sign is approximately 11" long and 5.5" wide. 

Mermaid Lives Here Sign

A small sign for decorating the house or porch. This sign is approximately 11" long and 5.5" wide. 

Beverage Caddie

We are now producing Beer Caddies for your favorite beverages. These six-pack carriers fit your favorite craft beer or your favorite cans of beer. These caddies come in traditional dark wood or blue/gray stain. Beverages are not included. Accented with a bottle opener and a rope handle, gives this caddie a taste of salt. These are hand made. This is a great house warming gift, bachelor party gift, or retirement gift. Different stencils and other personalized designs can be added with a design charge. We do not inscribe, but if you have an idea, we can give a try. 

The beverage insert comes out for a variety of home decorating accents and ideas. Use the box for flowers, condiments at your picnics, or as an accent in your kitchen or beach cottage. 

Sign Spotting!

I always get excited when I see a sign used in a unique way. This stand was spotted on a porch (Ann's porch) where she repurposed a wooden cart and made a great display near her door. She accented with stone statues, garden brick books, a lantern, and hung the sign on the front. It is a great look at really makes the entry special coming up into this creative and inviting spot. 

There will be more sign spotting coming up soon. 

Seas The Day / Navy Blue with Anchors

Seas the Day with navy blue, accented with two anchors. 

Skull and Cross Bones Sign / Ocean Beach

Personal favorite / New London, skull and crossbones, with ocean beach. Rough sign. 

Sign / New London with Whale

New London Board / Long & Lat

Signboard with New London / Long and Lat underneath. Two whales on Navy Blue. 

Seahorse Bottle Opener

Seahorse Bottle Opener / Part of our bottle opener collection. Makes great gifts for Father's Day! 

Bottle Opener / Octopus

Bottle Opener / Octopus - share in the myth of the ocean with this octopus inspired bottle opener. 

Sign / Surf, Sun, Sand

This is a fun compliment to your beach time. Some of our favorite moments, with a crab accent. 

Welcome Sign / New London

Welcome New London Sign: A nice way to decorate your entryway, porch or other beach cottage areas. 

Bottle Opener / Shark

Bottle Opener / Shark 
Size: These bottle openers are various sizes depending on design. 

Nautical Library

Private Nautical Library
Size: 18"x12" Approx. 

Cape Cod / Board Basic

Classic Cap Cod sign, a reminder of your trip to the edge of the world. 

"I have been accustomed to make excursions to the ponds within ten miles of Concord, but latterly I have extended my excursions to the seashore." - H. D. Thoreau, from Cape Cod

Signs / Garden Flowers

Garden Flowers signs great for your garden, edge of your yard, or an accent in your home. 

Sign / Mermaid Estuary

This sign is a fun compliment to our Don't Feed The Mermaids Sign. (See below). 

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